Water Features

South Pleasantburg Nursery is the Upstate’s most comprehensive water garden and pond outfitter. We have built hundreds of waterfalls and ponds, and completed numerous national pond training seminars and pond-builds. This vast experience not only means that we are one of the few certified pond professionals in South Carolina, but we also know the best pond equipment and techniques that work (and the brands that don’t work).

That’s why our pond department isn’t stocked with just one brand, but with a grand assortment of products that work well while offering value. We have assisted hundreds of do-it-yourself pond builders with the design and implementation of their home project. Even local professional installers trust us for the best products and design advice. We would be glad to guide you with your water feature project, no matter how small or large.

We not only specialize in water garden and Koi ponds, but also low maintenance “Pondless Waterfalls” and disappearing fountains.

We use quality products from:


Atlantic Water Gardens

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals

Winston/Crystal Clear


Barley Bales

Matala Filtration Mats

EPDM Rubber Pond liner

Fitting And Hoses