Why the Gingko?

South Pleasantburg Nursery chooses the Ginkgo leaf for its logo

The Ginkgo biloba is the oldest known tree species to still exist. It thrives in adverse conditions and is prized for its unique fan-shaped leaves, which turn bright yellow in fall.  Extract of Ginkgo biloba leaves has proven to enhance memory and brain function. With all these benefits, Ginkgo biloba is truly “good for you”.

South Pleasantburg Nursery is the oldest garden center in Greenville, originating in the 1960’s along the banks of the Reedy River on over eight acres of land thought to be unusable. The business has thrived by creative construction and taking good care of its customers. Specializing in unique plants not found at most outlets, South Pleasantburg Nursery has always sought out products that actually benefit upstate gardeners. They have more horticulturists and certified nursery professionals than any other nursery, and have a reputation for emphasizing safer pesticides and disease resistant varieties of plants.

Like the Ginkgo, South Pleasantburg Nursery is truly “good for you”.