Water Garden Resources

A Cyber Voyage Through Our Pond Department

We know, we know, you love your ponds. We love your ponds just as much as you do, and that’s why we strive to carry the broadest spectrum of pond supplies in the upstate. Not only to we sell the stuff, we know the stuff like the back of our grubby little hands.

We’ve taken steps, as a company, to train all of our staff to have knowledge in this department and to be able to assist you in your pond needs. Albeit, some of us know more than others, but regardless, there will always be somebody around to try and help you out. It’s just another way that we try and go the extra mile to be your “go-to pond place”.

Sure, you COULD buy stuff off on the internet, but you’d have to really shop around to find someplace that gives you the knowledge and experience that we can provide you with.

Haven’t visited us, has it been away, looking for a reason to stop? Watch our short film – “Worth The Climb” to see what we have in store (pun intended) for you!


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