Trees, Shrubs and Woodies, Oh My!

A Rose Is A Rose

Well, not really. Roses can be so many different things it’s not even funny. You can get a rose nowadays that only gets to be 12″ tall (that’s a foot, you know, like half way up your shin). You can get some that will tower over a trellis and make a huge statement.

We’ve got them all, ranging from the incredibly fragrant Hybrid Tea to the easy to grow Knock – Out series of roses.

Don’t be daunted by thinking that Roses are too hard for you to grow. Quite the opposite actually. Roses can be the easiest shrub with the greatest reward IF you just do a little bit of forward thinking.

Felco Pruning

Hybrid Tea Rose Care Tips:

  • Consider getting on a spray schedule. Using a 6 week Fungicide, Insecticide and Fertilizer (like the Bayer product we carry) you’ll forget about ever having a problem with bugs
  • Make Black Spot go bye-bye by irrigating in the early morning. This will allow enough time for the water to do what it has to do and not cause problems.
  • Be proactive – cut those flowers! Don’t wait until they’ve gone all the way to hips, get out there with your little snippers and cut cut cut!
  • Feed them the micronutrients they need by using Rose Tone (with Bio-Tone)

Bayer Three In One

Knock Out Roses

  • Give them a little shear a couple of times throughout the growing season. This will make them stay bushy and blooming.
  • Don’t be hesitant to give them a little snack. Feeding with Mills Magic Rose Food will make them happy and healthy.
  • Select the right plant for the area. Keep in mind that Knock Out Roses can and DO get quite large. Don’t get one unless you have at least 4′ to devote to each plant. Over planting can cause issues in the future.

Drift Roses

  • Plant in masses for the most impact. Drift Roses are heavy bloomers, but small, so you need to plant more than one to make a statement.
  • Give them a little trim after the first heavy bloom. This will get them grooving and putting on more flowers.
  • At the end of the season let it be and revisit it in the Spring.
  • Fertilize with Mills Magic Rose Food to maximize blooms.

Stop in today and check out what we’ve got to offer.

Roses make great gifts! We can wrap them for you!

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