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April Showcase Of Plants

aprilshowcaseApril is just about to overwhelm us, in a GOOD way. Everywhere we look in the Nursery, something else is starting to bust open with some sort of glorious bloom. Of course, not all of them were able to make the cut to get into the April Showcase, but the selections that DID make it are pretty special. Please note: we’re not going to bore you with Forsythia blooms and¬†Azaleas, we figure you already know what those look like ūüôā

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Mountian Fire Pieris are fantastic shrubs for use in and amongst shady gardens. Every spring, long strands of delicate white bell flowers appear and seem to drape off of this evergreen shrub like tinsel on a Christmas Tree. All the new growth of the Mountain Fire is bright red (get it now?) and in the¬†summertime, when it’s¬†actively¬†vegetatively¬†growing, it appears to be blooming – but it’s just the bright red new growth. Size varies on cultivar, some staying as low as 2′ such as the Prelude and some getting as tall as you, like the regular “Mountain Fire”.


The Rose Dawn Camellia is one of the latest blooming japonica Camellias available. The double pink blooms burst forth slowly towards mid-March and keep the show up well into the Spring. These hardy, heat tolerant evergreens form fantastic hedges and also make fantastic backdrops for summer blooming shrubs and flowers. Plant in part shade to part sun – or if in cases of full sun give plenty of water in the first year. Camellias are incredibly versatile and won’t let you down!



The Bridal Wreath Spirea is a favorite in formal AND informal landscapes alike. The flowing branch structure makes a fantastic skeleton for the fluffy white blooms that explode every spring. From a distance, this shrub looks like it has been dusted with snow and is quite magnificent in masses. Use them along borders or lot lines to create a dramatic effect. The Bridal Wreath Spirea is extremely hardy and can tolerate full ¬†hot sun and bad soils. It’s a win win kind of shrub! It DOES get pretty large, plan accordingly.




The Dwarf English Boxwood, the little black dress of the plant world. Use the D.E.B. just about anywhere for anything. These tightly leaved little plants are fantastic to use in containers, along walkways or as an extra little evergreen element to your Perennial garden. The glossy green leaves stay deep in color all year long (unlike some of the Korean boxwoods) and all new growth appears fleshy and bright green. Plant in full sun to partial shade.


Did you know that the swamp Jasmine is the state flower of our glorious homeland? It’s true, this cheerful woody vine is out botanical trade make. Step aside, Palmetto Tree, and make way for a really classy dame. The Swamp Jasmine (or Jessamine) grows vigorously on just about anything you give it to crawl on. Keeping that in mind, make sure you give it ample space – it’ll need LOTS of room. Enjoy these in full sun for best bloom!

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