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Brand Spanking New Fairy Accessories!

We’ve started off spring the right way, by stocking our shelves with new miniature garden products. Ranging from little bitty outhouses, little bitty bee hives, and little bitty gnomes with little bitty wheelbarrows.

That’s a lot of little bitty stuff! Check it out soon, and also keep your eyes peeled for upcoming classes on how to construct miniature gardens!

DSCF6505 DSCF6506 DSCF6508 DSCF6510 DSCF6511 DSCF6512 DSCF6515 DSCF6516 DSCF6517 DSCF6518 DSCF6519 DSCF6520 DSCF6521 DSCF6522 DSCF6523 DSCF6524

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