Bucket List? This Bucket Will Do It All!

Nursery Staff Approved – The Wonder Bucket Is Here!

The official name of this is something really lame, like “Presto Bucket” or “Collapsible Bucket”

 A couple of months back we sent some of our best employees down to Atlanta to the Merchandise Mart to scour for new, cutting edge technology and innovations in the Nursery Business.

They came back with a bucket.

Needless to say, there was a bit of disappointment from the Chief Of Staff here, hoping for something to eradication Kudzu or eliminate weeds with just the wave of a magic wand…the bucket seemed lame.


The Demonstrator Model arrived, and we were able to show off all of the possibilities of this wondrous, most durable and awesome garden tool (mind you, it doesn’t stop in the garden, it goes EVERYWHERE!


The Wonder Bucket is water tight and will hold ice to keep your favorite beverages cold during tailgating.





Not only does the Wonder Bucket Collapse for easy storage, it comes in all your favorite sports team colors, like…Lime Green!

Mopping/Mixed House Wife Duties:

Yes, even the nursery floors get a bit nasty once in a while, and the Wonder Bucket has a light weight design with makes it easy to tote upstairs or down, or even all around!

Now THAT’S a bucket of bubbles!





































Various Pond Projects:

For Use In The Garden (no way, really?!?!?)

Long story short, the cyber geek had the same garden bucket for use around the nursery for almost five years. The bucket met its demise by an elderly woman who backed over it in the parking lot. Searching high and low for replacements, this was the answer to all of the Cyber Geeks Bucket Dreams.
This bucket works fantastically, fit in to small places and accommodates for TONS (not literally) of deadheading hours





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