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Container Gardener Of The Year 2014



Just like last year, we’re going to have our “Container Gardener Of The Year” contest this spring. The rules are going to be the same, no talent required, just your participation. Snap a photo of your container, or even one from somebody else. Please, no cut and pasted pictures from the internet, be fair. We want to see what you’ve got and hopefully be able to inspire other along the way.

The winner will win a $25 Gift Certificate and a Presto Bucket. Beyond all that, you’ll also get your name in a frame hung on our wall of fame (say that a few times fast).

The drawing will occur on June 6th at 4:00 pm, again it’ll be random! Everybody will be invited to participate. For more details give us a call 864-299-6677

send emails to spnursery@bellsouth dot net

or find us on Facebook.

Container Gardener Of The Year 2014

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