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Curb Enthusiasm – – Part Two Of Our Series

Now, are you guilty? 
Is your curb unattractive? 
Do your neighbors scoff as they pass by your house? 

We’ve got some solutions!

Part two of this series will focus on HOW to utilize what you have and make a few simple changes to enhance your curb appeal using easy techniques and very little time and money.

Here is a quick check list of things that can take less than a day that might benefit you (and your curb appeal).

  1. What shape is your grass in? If its not prime, that’s okay! Not everybody needs a pristine park like turf area in their front yard. Apply a little bit of Weed Control (we suggest Weed Beater Ultra by Bonide). Just by killing some of the ugly weeds, you make your existing grass look better, unless there isn’t any grass at all…then you might consider reseeding.
  2. Where do your foundation shrubs fit in relativity to your window sills? Shrubbery that has overgrown above windows are unacceptable in any scenario. Not only do they look untended, but they also create hiding places for potential buglars and can cause damage over time to the exterior of the house.
  3. Are there any plants that are oversized for the area they are planted. For example, was a Holly planted too close to a walkway and grown larger than anticipated? If so, you might have to practice some tough love and remove the entire plant. It might not be the easiest fix, but removing an entire plant can make the whole front of a home look better.
  4. Where does your eye get drawn first? When you pull into your driveway is it a bore, if so, JAZZ IT UP! It can be as easy as placing an exciting colored glazed pot or even planting a row of annuals along a walkway. You can even think outside the plant box and paint your front door an exciting color. Have you noticed a bright red Door in your neighborhood, it stands out!
  5. Clean your edges! Areas along sidewalks and driveways should have a good clean line cut to reduce the probability of the turf crawling onto your pavement or walkway. Just having a clean line makes the entire yard look manicured.
  6. Does your yard match? Just like you wouldn’t leave the house to go to work in the morning with two different shoes on – – you shouldn’t have multiple hardscape features in your yard. Mulch in one area, Pine Needles in another, Marble Chips and Patio Pavers in another, its chaos! Simplify.
  7. Are your plants dated? Fifteen years ago, everybody was planting boxwood, ten years ago everybody was planting Laurels, Five years ago it was Knock Out Roses. By keeping trends from the past in your yard, you start to make your home look old from the street. By putting some fresh shrubbery in the yard, its easy to take years off the visual appearance of your home.


Its as easy as that, and really none of those tasks require too much effort. All can be easily done with just a little bit of time and effort. 

The hardest part is coming to terms with the fact that your curb is unappealing. Its okay, it can be fixed! 

Take a look at this success story / gain some inspiration as to what one little blonde girl did in less than 5 hours.

Take a look at the violations, although its a beautiful house, from the curb the Landscape was just lacking warmth.


New mulch and bright flowers can go a very long way. The total budget of this redo was just around $200. A bargain!

Use of a color scheme, a fancy flag and fresh mulch make this bed beautiful!

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