Perennial Gardening For Not So Dummies

Dayliles, Five Reasons You Need Them.

Before you roll your eyes and go “Ugh, everybody and their grandmother has those stupid things, I don’t want any”, take another look. Dayliles have come a very long way from those floppy orange things you see in run down houses or in mass planting at industrial sites. Daylilies are awesome, and here are five reasons why:

  1. So what, they bloom for a day, that just means that you’ll be treated to a brand new flower every morning. I mean think of it, if somebody brought you a flower next to your bed when you woke up every morning, wouldn’t that be pretty awesome?
  2. Abracadabra, gone. They dissappear in the winter, unlike some perennials that leave ugly stems and sticks to joust out of your dormant garden bed. When the cold comes, chop those babies down to the ground and say “adios, until new year”.
  3. Sips water like a hybrid sips gas. These things might as well be like the Prius of the plant world, they have few problems and they’re so dang reliable it’s hard to justify NOT having one. They don’t need all kinds of fancy fertilizers or sprays.
  4. They are like the little black dress of the plant world, everybody needs one, or a dozen (myself included). Daylilies go with anything and come in so many different colors it’s hard to find one that you DON’T like.
  5. Cheaper than a dime store candy. Since they grow fast and just about every grower has them, you can get them for pretty cheap. A nice, blooming, exotic looking Daylily will not cost you but ten bucks, if that.

Still not convinced? Pictures are worth a thousand words, right? (Although, this article was only about 300)

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