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Eight trucks, or more, in one week! New Arrivals!

Yup, spring is here (as if you needed a silly internet piece to tell you). To try to keep you up to date on what’s rolling in and off of our 18 wheel loads of goodness, I’ll summarize some of the new EXCITING things.

Exquisite Specimens From Panther Creek

Panther Creek Nursery in Willow Springs, NC is a premier grower of nursery stock and we’ve been trying to get a load from them for a couple of years now. Well, the wait is over and the plant material is even MORE stunning than we had anticipated. Good job, Panther Creek Nursery, we’re proud to sell your plants!

Unique Specimens Include:

‘Ryusen’ Japanese Maple

‘Shaina’ Japanese Maple

Topiary Formed Boxwood in Spirals AND Cones

The Biggest Baddest Harry Lauders Walking Stick you’ll ever see

‘Merlot’ Redbud – (the best dark leaved Redbud available)

Black Bamboo (a containable spreader)

Topiaried Striebs Findling Cotoneaser (they’re wicked looking!)

Distyllium ‘Blue Cascade’ (what we’re considering the best alternative to Otto Luken Laurels)

Sassafras Trees

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