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February Showcase Of Plants

February is always one of those months that before you know it, it’s over. Don’t forget that there are plenty of botanical wonders to explore, even when the temperatures are less than balmy. Featured in this showcase, we’re going to take a peak at some common but fantastic shrubs for use in the landscape. Not only are we going to be dealing with some fabulous plant material, we’ll also take a look at a few offerings from top of the line statuary company Campania.

Palm Trees and South Carolina go together like Grits and Shrimp. One of the best cold hardy Palm Trees for the Upstate is the Windmill Palm, which we carry year long. It displays large hand shape frond that will dance in the wind and hold up to cold temperatures. Show some Carolina pride and plant a cold hardy Palm Tree.


Camellias are like winters tease for the upcoming warm season. Looking at the flower pictured to the here, you could almost be fooled into thinking it is a Knock Out Rose. It’s not (if you thought it was, work on your plant ID skills!). Shishi Gashira Camellias are fantastic dwarf camellias that can be used as foundation planting or as magnificent blooming hedges.


What could that incredible fragrance be this time of year? Look for the least conspicuous plant in the yard and you’ll find the culprit. The fragrant sweetbox has tiny white flowers this time of year that are accompanied with both red AND black berries. Plant it in the shade for best results.


“Ruby – Don’t take your love to…” you know the words to this classic song, or maybe you don’t. (check it out on the’s pretty good). I think Kenny Rodgers was singing about the Ruby Loropetalum when he crooned out those famous lyrics. The Loropetalum, or Chinese Fringe, is a fantastic evergreen with beautiful qualities galore. Not only does it have rich maroon leaves, sporadically throughout the year it explodes with pods of hot pink fireworks shaped blooms. Also, make sure you check out the other Chinese fringe cultivars such as ‘Suzanne’ and ‘Dharuma’. 

Cedars are a magnificent evergreen to use in lieu of other, more common-less reliable trees. Brodie is a great green giant of the plant world and would make a remarkable specimen tree OR part of a hedge row. He’ll grow up big and strong and make you proud of your gardening achievements. Unlike the Hollywood Juniper, the Brodie keeps a nice formal shape.


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