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Citrus Trees Are Now In!

The wait is over for all of you Citrus Lovers! Our shipment from California has arrived with a bunch of beautiful Lemon and Lime Trees for your selection enjoyment!

Among the varieties that arrived are:


Meyer Improved Lemon

Excellent foliage is displayed on this medium to large shrub or small tree. Fragrant flowers produce thin skinned, juicy lemons year round. Protect from frost. Attractive accent. Evergreen.







Bearss Seedless Lime

(No, thats not a typo, its supposed to have two esses)

Heavy bearer of juicy, lemon-sized fruit in winter to early spring. Grows into a densely branched, dwarf form. Excellent container plant for patio or indoors in cold areas. Grafted onto Flying Dragon rootstock. Evergreen.




Lisbon Lemon

Productive, commercial variety more tolerant of heat, cold, and wind on a useful dwarf form. Fruit can be harvested year round in most areas. Evergreen.




Keep in mind,

Lemons and Lime trees are NOT hardy in this area! It is a good idea to get a good, lightweight pot for ease of transportation inside when the winter winds start to blow. Although this may seem like a chore, these citrus trees really do make wonderful house plants. Assure them plenty of space to grow and ample sunshine!


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