Five Items You Won’t Find At A Typical Nursery In The Upstate!

South Pleasantburg Nursery Really Is “Good For You”

As one of the oldest Nurseries in the upstate we go above and beyond the call to bring you unique and exotic plant material, but that isn’t where we stop being awesome. Our lines of fertilizers, soils and plant treatments are one of the broadest in and most comprehensive in the upstate! Everything from Organic Fungicides to a simple bag of potting soil, we have it all for you.

Just when you thought you knew us inside and out (pun intended), here are five things that we carry that typical Nurseries usually don’t bother with. Unique items such as these are available to only certain retailers, and we’re very excited to share them with you.

The Gardeners Hollow Leg


The Gardeners Hollow Leg is the debris and harvesting bag you wear. It’s a fabric sack attached to a belt that is worn while you are working in the garden.  It’s ideal for doing light pruning, dead-heading, spot-weeding, and general neatening.  It’s handy for fruit and produce harvesting, too.  Our staff members use it frequently around the nursery and swear by it, especially for deadheading Roses, pulling weeds and especially how cool it make you look when you wear it.

The Worlds Coolest Rain Gauge


Can a rain gauge be cool? Normally, no. But this is the World’s Coolest Rain Gauge, and it will forever change your mind about the humble pluviometer. Admittedly, this rain gauge is a little different than most. The numbers on the measurement tube are in reverse order. As water flows into the copper collection flute, the measurement tube rises to show water accumulation. Believe it or not, it works remarkably well AND is freeze proof. This is more than likely the last rain gauge you’ll ever need, period (unless your neighbor gets jealous and steals it).

The Pot Lifter

Cyber Girl Note: Admittedly, when this product came in, I kind of giggled at it, it seemed ridiculous as first, but then, after an experience with it, I was hooked on it.

It’s a superbly engineered tool designed
specifically to help gardeners safely and easily
move heavy, awkward-to-lift objects, such as:

Large Flowerpots, Tree Root Balls, Hay Bales, Landscaping Stones, Firewood Rounds, Heavy bags (cement, mulch, feed) and other large limp items that may be cumbersome to tote.


The Bird Cam 2.0

This is a serious bird lovers machine! The Bird Cam 2.0 makes bird watching for the busy professional easy! In other words, you don’t have to wait patiently until that exotic Tufted Titmouse visits your house.

The BirdCam 2.0 takes 8-megapixel, high-resolution photos and videos of your backyard birds. And with a timelapse setting and a flash for nighttime photos, you’ll see more than ever before. Anyone who loves birds is sure to be amazed by this innovative bird watching tool! And thanks to the flash, you can capture photos of nighttime birds such as owls and nighthawks.


Radius Garden Tools

These professional quality stainless steel tools have a resin-encased steel core shaft for optimal strength and durabilty. They feature an oversized handle shaped like an “O” or a “U”,  and allows the gardener to dig faster and easier. These tools are unique and lightweight and are able to perform multiple duties such as transplanting, edging, shoveling, cultivating, and much more. Never feel like you are over-working in the garden again with Radius Garden Tools. Our Staff swears by these!


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