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Gratitude Stories And Winner Announced!

This Thanksgiving we were going to mix things up a little bit (literally, in a fish bowl, full on names) and offer a $25 gift certificate to a randomly selected entry. The winner was:

Rita S. with her entry of “I’m thankful for worms in my garden”. Very appropriate, and very thoughtful. Congratulations, Rita. We’re thankful for you shopping with us.

[youtube width=”850″ height=”660″][/youtube]

Other notable entries are:

“Thankful for Granddaughters.”

“Thankful for my dear family”

“Grateful for beautiful plants”

“Grateful for my family”

“My husband and sons”

“My best friend and family”

“Health and salvation”

“I am grateful for animals”

“Thankful for my wonderful wife, nancy, and my lord and savior Jesus Christ”

“I am grateful for friends”

“I am grateful for my family”

“Thankful for the beauty of fall and the different season”

“I am thankful that I had the chance to know our great friend Peter – you have left this earth but not our hearts! <3 We love you!”

“Thankful for winter sunsets!”

“Thankful for the mockingbird outside”

“I’m thankful to be alive”

“Good health and family”

“Pansies are happy faces that warm my heart”

“I’m thankful for a family that still likes to get together at Thanksgiving, and for my new mountain house!”

“I’m grateful for my parents health”

“I am grateful for cats”

“I am thankful to be here with Ray and Halie for fairy garden fun stuff!”

“Grateful for my wife!”

The Cyber Geek is grateful for the fact that of all of the entries we only received TWO with grateful spelled “greatful” instead of grateful.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next contest that will be running the ENTIRE month of December!




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