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Grocery Stores Are For Groceries – Nurseries Are For Plants

How many times have you gone to the local grocery store and been saddened to see that they have a meager selection of “Nursery Stock” to offer you?

Whether it be a mum that looks like its seen better days or even a houseplant that is practically screaming “Take Me Home”, you certainly should know that the Grocery Store isn’t where you go to buy Nursery Stock.

Just a friendly reminder, we here at South Pleasantburg Nursery have House Plants GALORE! 

Stop in today (or tomorrow, we’re not picky) and inquire as to which House Plant would be best suited for your home or office. 

Now is a fantastic time to think about sprucing up the insides of your home for the holidays. Plants such as Crotons, Peace Lilies and African Violets make great adornments for your home, and are easy to take care of as well!




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