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June Showcase Of Shrubbery

June Showcase Of Shrubs

This month we’re going to feature some color, texture and uniqueness in our showcase! June is one of those months that seems like it flys by, and if you don’t take your time to actually stop and smell the roses you might miss something! (Pun intended).


We’ve picked out one of our favorite screening shrubs this month, the Wax Myrtle. Not only is this fantastically hardy shrub attractive, it’s native to this area occurring in swampy areas. Unlike some other screening shrubs, the Wax Myrtle doesn’t drop any messes on your yard and keeps a fantastic soft appearance all year! Don’t be fooled, however, this isn’t related in any way shape or form to the Crepe Myrtle!

The Goldmound Spirea is a very underused landscape shrub. These compact growers will entertain you with bright pink flowers from mid may on into June and will actually give you a few more in the fall if you do a light shearing on them after they’ve finished blooming. The foliage is a bright greenish/chartreuse color that will stand out against most any other solid green backdrop. Although this plant is deciduous, it is still very worth planting and enjoying!



We’ve got Butterfly Bush, boy howdy! Not only do we have some of your old favorites that grow bigger than a house, we also have some extremely dwarf varieties that stay hip high and bloom all summer. The Butterfly Bush is a winner among those that want maximum color but hardly any work. Plant these in sunshine and enjoy! The butterflies, bees and hummingbirds will also enjoy your planting!


The Tiger Eye Sumac is interesting in many ways, not just it’s color. The fernlike foliage appears very natural against more formal shrubs and the color of the foliage is just remarkable. Shades of yellow, orange, green and red all pop out of the same leaf, making it almost look as if it has been spraypainted. These are fantastic for naturalized areas or even to place in a pot with some annuals.


Although you can’t really plant her, the “shy girl” is a great addition to any garden too! This fantastically detailed concrete statue shows a delicate young lady looking very pensive as she gazes out among the flowers. Is she thinking about tomorrow, is she thinking about her first true love, is she thinking about the bee that just flew up her skirt? Nobody knows, but the imagination runs wild!




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