The Flu And You. What You Can Do To Make It Through.

31 People

Have died so far this flu season in South Carolina alone

1326 Hospitalizations

Have been reported for people with flu-like syptoms


Of the population will ail from the flu this season

South Pleasantburg Nursery can help you beat the odds and assist you in combating your chances of catching the flu this season, or any other airborne illness for that matter.


The amount of decreased probability of you catching an airborne illness when living with ample houseplants. By increasing the moisture level of your living area, you make it a less desirable condition for germs to live and breed.

Airborne Toxin Vacuum

Introducing houseplants into your living environment (offices count too, I mean, you spend enough time there, right?!!) you equip yourself with natures version of an air-sucking purification machine that runs on a little Nitrogen and water. While your houseplant is sitting there looking pretty, it’s also working it’s way through Photosynthesis. During this process the plant will take your CO2 that may be less-than-pure and turn it into a clean air.

Stabilize Your Mental Health

Mind over matter, and if you’re mind is healthy your body is more likely to recover from what’s ailing you. Introduction of something new into a living space is incredibly stimulating, no matter if it’s a new lamp or a new couch, new is exciting. Take the best of both worlds and treat yourself to a new houseplant to look at. Not only will it boost your mental health, it will make your living environment look good too!

Easy Street

Houseplants are easy to maintain, and believe it or not they’ll thrive on neglect. Most of them only need a splash of water once a week, and certain varieties need even less. Consult with one of our professionals here at the Nursery as to which will suit your needs the best. Some health boosting houseplants include:

  • Peace Lilies
  • Pothos
  • Chinese Evergreens
  • Aloe Vera
  • ZZ Plant
  • Philodendron
  • Ficus
  • Sanseveria (despite it’s not so nice common name)

We have these all in stock, and have the pots to go with them. Let us help you help yourself!







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