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Three Pond Plants That You Need Right Now

The world of ponds is a vast and beautiful place, ranging from sizes and shapes of rocks down the the surrounding plant material. Its not as easy as you might think incorporating all different elements into your backyard oasis and creating something that looks like it belongs there. Too many occasions emphasis is put too heavily on placement of rocks or selection of fish and the herbacious aquatic life is an after though.

Many people build ponds due to the allure of having moving water and the relaxing noise of waterfalls, trying to create a personal paradise. Others have interest in raising breeding and enjoying the relationship with Koi and Goldfish. Although both of these reasons to build a pond are valid, the most important thing you must remember, like any other element of your landscape-your hole in the ground with water in it is a Garden as well.

Enter the “Water Garden” term as opposed to calling them ponds. Water garden inspires you to think more along the lines of flowers and foliage and brings nature to your yard, and there are a few plants that are highly desired for use in pond and a few that should be avoided for various reasons. Approaching your “Water Garden” like you would any other flower bed in your yard will keep it fresh and new and never boring. Implement a few pockets for annuals and throw in a some unique hardscape items like a statute or birdbath, this will personalize your garden and add a little contrast as you would in any other garden.

Three Plants You Should Have:

 Star Grass (Dichromena colorata)

This magnificent grassy like pond plant is fantastically adaptable and creates a naturalized look around the edges of your pond. Late spring blooms are shaped like stars (what a surprise) and the foliage stays lush green even through the hottest of summers.




Water Lilies (Tropical or Not)

Water Lilies are excellent additions to any pond, primarily because depth doesn’t hinder your ability to use them. These can be submerged and enjoyed no matter if your pond is 8″ or 4′ deep, and the ease of maintenance is superb. A broad color pallet also allows you to select a bloom that fits into your landscape color scheme!




Pickerel Rush – Pondeteria cordata

This lush green pond plant brings a great purple bloom that lasts well into the summer season. This is a great alternative to the outlawed Water Hyacinth. These create a great edging plant and have very low requirements as far as upkeep. Dividing them at the end of every year is encouraged in order to keep them under control.



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