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Valentines – Seven Reasons You Shouldn’t Buy Cut Flowers

Top Ten Reasons NOT To Buy Cut Flowers For  Your Sweetie?

  1. The flowers in many circumstances have traveled farther in one trip than you have in your entire life. 
  2. Most of the time cut flowers that aren’t grown here in an OSHA environment were harvested with sometimes child labor or workers who are mistreated.
  3. The environmental impact of the roses grown for Valentines day is incredible. The 100 million roses grown for a typical Valentine’s Day in the US produce some 9,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.
  4. The amount of pesticides used to keep those flowers pristine and without bug damage is incredible. Do you really want to hand over a bouquet of chemicals to your sweetie?
  5. The vase life of most cut arrangements is anywhere from 5-9 days. What the heck does that say about a relationship?
  6. Cut flowers that have been travelling for days sometimes are color enhanced using dyes and other artificial means of beautification. There isn’t anything quite as romantic as your love putting a rose up to their nose and it turning pink.
  7. What is more romantic than having something that you can love and nurture together and watch bloom over and over again? It sounds cheesy, but the bond you’ll develop over that potted plant will last a lot longer than those tacky Grocery Store cut flowers.

We’re not bitter over here, we promise! We just want you to get the most bang for your buck and score some big points this Valentines Day.

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