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Vegetarian/Vegan Fertilizer Is In!

Vega by Dr. Earth is a 100% vegetarian/vegan fertilizer safe for use on flower and vegetable gardens!

Vega by Dr. Earth is a 100% vegetarian/vegan fertilizer safe for use on flower and vegetable gardens!

Why should I use vegetarian/vegan fertilizer?

Little do some of us know what goes into our fertilizers that we’re applying to our gardens. Most conventional fertilizers are comprised of animal based materials, be it crushed up bones or the poop that comes out when they’re still alive. It doesn’t stop with animals either, certain fertilizers are also made from human waste (biosolids) and put into friendly packaging. These are the fertilizers that you’re handling, these are the fertilizers that you’re applying to your vegetables. Do you have human waste in your garden? You might be surprised.

What makes it different?

There are different levels of fertilizers out there. We, as a nursery, do not carry anything that is derived from “biosolids”, but we do carry fertilizers made from dehydrated chicken manure and other animal based solids. These would be equivelent to using compost when plants, very safe, but not necessarily animal free.

For those purists, we’re carrying a new product called “Vega”, a fertilizer that is 100% free of humans/animals. The fertilizer is comprised of a several key ingredients including dehydrated vegetable compost, kelp meal, and neem meal. These put together give you an even ratio of 2-2-2, something safe to use on everything without having to worry about tainting your soil with animal/human byproducts.

What else?

That’s not all that Vega has to offer however. From Dr. Earths website:

“DR. Earth VegaTM all purpose fertilizer with Probiotic, PreBiotic, and ProMoisture Hydrate is formulated to feed plants to promote robust and productive plant growth. Probiotic is our broad spectrum biological soil inoculant designed to bring life to all soil types. Prebiotics (soluble sugars) provide the existing soil microbes with food and energy to multiply more quickly. ProMoisture Hydrate (Aloe vera) concentrate, assists in the hydration of biotics in the soil by coating them with a patent-pending slimy layer assisting in greater microbial hydration. Vega is great for all types of gardens both annual and perennial.”

Pick up a bag and see the difference!

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