What's Bugging You

Vole Problem? Not For Long!

  • Do your plants mysteriously just drop dead?
  • Have you lost money by investing in new plants only to have them die on you due to a hidden creature in your soil?
  • Are you sick of trying different potions and treatments to try to rid yourself of varmints?

We’ve got the solution for you!

If you’ve found yourself suffering from any of these symptoms, chances are you’re under the attack of wicked Voles. Voles are small rodents that feast themselves on your succulent roots attached to your sometimes expensive shrubbery. Unlike their kin Moles, Voles only feast on herbaceous material, predominately roots. Sometimes, before you ever loose the first plant, you’ll notice tunnels running through your turf. These are soft, spongy areas in which the voles are creating a runway to your roots.

Voles are very active in the winter months when food supply is short and their bellies are hungry. Typically they’ll feast on the root system of succulent broadleaf evergreens, but can target just about anything if they’re hungry enough. By eating up the root system of your plant, the plant in turn cannot feed itself and will perish – leaving you with a dead shrub and a chubby Vole.

We’ve got a cure for you, and finally it doesn’t involve you using harsh Rodenticides or getting a cat (whew!).

The people over at I MUST Garden have created a safe, easy to use product promised to rid you of your plague of Voles. The concoction of different oils and herbs creates an undesirable environment for the Voles to live in, and will drive them out of your yard (and probably into your neighbors). Safe, guaranteed and easy to use, I Must Gardens‘ Vole repellent is the cure all to your Vole ailment.

Stop in today and pick some up at South Pleasantburg Nursery, and if it doesn’t work – I MUST Garden stands behind their product 100%. Call them up at (877) 446-2929 and have a chat with them. Get satisfaction, it IS guaranteed!




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