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Winter Daphne – We’ve Got ‘Em

I know, I know, it’s now officially Spring, but who cares! We can still plant Winter Daphne!

Winter DaphneWinter Daphne is an incredibly fragrant evergreen shrub for use in dry shady locations. The fragrance of the bright little blooms will knock you out in a sensory overload. This shrub will thrive on neglect, but still be a garden favorite! This often time overlooked plant is an excellent alternative to Azaleas, and will give you so much more reward wise.

The Winter Daphne has the potential of reaching 5′ tall and wide, but will reach this slowly. Very slowly.

Invest in one today, hurry, before they’re all gone – we’ve only got a few left. $49.98 (3 gallon)

You may wonder, what necessitates an entire post for just ONE new plant, well, it’s THAT special. If you’ve had one, you’d understand.

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