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Zeller Says: Spray Your Roses!

Zeller Sez: Spray Your Roses!


Roses are the most elegant flower you can plant. Not only do they make stellar cut flowers, various shrub varieties make great landscape specimens as well.

There are some bad rumors buzzing about saying that Roses are difficult to grow and not worth the effort. This is simply not true! If you take the “ounce of prevention” tactic you’ll enjoy carefree Roses all summer long. Be the envy of your neighborhood and plant a few today.




Rose Care Tips:

  • Make sure you select an area of your yard that gets full sun!
  • Don’t try to make Roses grow too close to other shrubs or fence lines. Cramming them into small areas increases your risk of black spot.
  • Adequate watering is key. Don’t let them dry out and drown them the next day. Slow and steady irrigating wins the race.
  • The need for feed is always there! It takes a lot of energy to put out pretty flowers. Use Rose Tone or Mills Magic Rose Food (our prefered food) to keep them healthy and their bellies full.
  • Take a preventive approach and start spraying BEFORE you see infestations of bugs or fungus. You can even get Bayer 3 in 1 that contains fertilizer, insecticide AND fungicide. Do this and be done!
  • Deadhead occasionally. Snipping the spent blooms will increase the quantity of new blooms!




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