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Avoid Your Chance Of Catching West Nile, Invest Is Mosquito Repellent That REALLY Works!

Beware! The first case of a death from West Nile Virus has been reported here in our very own Palmetto State. Although the victim was elderly, and his immune system might have been weakened, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t some reason for concern. West Nile gets transmitted by pesky little mosquitos, those nasty little buggers that make your outside experience a little less pleasant.

There are several ways to avoid getting West Nile, including several bug sprays high in DEET (studies have show this extremely harsh chemical has long term effects and should be washed off IMMEDIATELY after use). Another avoidance would be to stay inside, avoid the risk of coming into contact with nature…but what the heck fun is that? Do you want to be a shut in during one of the most pleasant times in the South Carolina seasonal calendar?

The answer is of course not! 

Fear not, we here at South Pleasantburg Nursery have a few solutions for you, and none of them require being a shut it.

Amazon Lights – Sticks, Incense Cones and Candles

Amazon Lights are all natural insect repellents using mother nature to fight mother nature. These safe to use products have been tested by several of our customers and we’ve gotten nothing but stellar reviews. The use of Brazilian andiroba with citronella, rosemary and thyme makes for a pleasant and effective repellent against the menace from the sky.

Not only does it work, the concentration of essential oils in these products have been tested to be almost 300% more concentrated that even the closest competitor on the market.


So before you throw your money away on a Citronella Candle on the clearance shelf at your local grocery store, shop where the good stuff it.

-side note- 
Just last week we had a lady come in and give a testimonial on how well the Incense Cones work, she claimed that she burned one in a Mason jar and carried it around with her while doing weeding and various yard chores. This woman claimed that should could just about open the door and be covered in Mosquitoes, but after this experience with the Cones, she didn’t have even one bite. Amazing!

Mosquito Beater – The Name Even Sounds Like It Means Business!

Reach for the product that we’ve been carrying ever since the Cyber Geek was a toddler. Mosquito Beater by Bonide is a safe and effective spray that is both a topical and residual spray. Use this product in areas that you KNOW you have a mosquito  problem or where you see them being a potential problem.

The active ingredient is Permethrin, which is the same stuff that you can use on your own body to control Lice (which is gross, but hey, it happens). Just hook it to the end of your hose and spray your yard, flower beds and shrubbery to have long lasting safe control of your Mosquitoes.

We use it here at the Nursery, and LOVE the results. Although it is impossible for us to treat every bit of acreage here, it does a great job in the small concentrated areas we apply it.


Also available:

Mosquito Dunks – To be placed in areas of standing water or otherwise sketchy places where Mosquitoes might breed. Destroy the breeding brothels before the babies hatch!

Flying Insect Foggers – A large propane run gas chamber like device for fogging your entire yard. This machine is an investment, but is the one professionals use for large areas.

Long Sleeves Garden Gloves – Wear these to go up the sleeve of your shirt to further protect your precious skin from insects flying up and getting trapped and trying to bite their way out…through your flesh.

Also remember, there is a population of people who have very little no no allergic reaction to mosquito bites. In these cases, those people are even more at risk of developing a case of West Nile, simply because they are unaware of the fact they are getting bitten in the first place. This population of people, since they seem unscathed, tend not to swat and kill the pests upon first bite – leaving the mosquito to sit and harvest until their bellies are full. This can result in more bites and more probability of contraction.

Be safe, Be West Nile Smart, Be Our Customer For Life

(a long one, unless you get West Nile)





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