Perennial Gardening For Not So Dummies

Enter Our Fern Gully!

We’ve taken the time to go over and take a long hard look at our Perennial section. Not only did we find some pretty things, we saw some exotic things as well.

All niceness aside, we also found quite a mess in the Shady section. I guess it’s to be expected, you hang out in shady places, you’ll get corrupted eventually. I think it’s called peer pressure. Anyways, we sent the Cyber Geek out there to straighten it out and get all those ducks back in a row. While out there she saw some pretty awesome stuff.

Japaneseforestgrass japanesepaintedfern joepyeweed perennialsforshade Pulmonaria Rhodeajaponica variagatedsolomonsseal Astilbe Brunnera cinnamonfern

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