Water Gardening Products

Building A Pond? We’ve Got The Stuff!

Are you poised and ready to conquer the task of building your very own backyard oasis?

Cool, we can hook you up with all the materials (except rock) that you need to get started.

skimmerWe top of the line, professional grade products from Atlantic Water gardens, the leaders in professional pond products. We have:

  • Filter Falls (BF 3900, BF 1250, BF 2600, BF 1900)
  • Skimmers (PS 3900, PS 4500, PS 7000)
  • Big Bahama II
  • Color Falls
  • LED Lighting Kits

After you get your filtration squared away, you’ll need a pump! We carry pumps in all sizes from tiny table top fountain pumps to huge 6000 gph pumps! Our pumps are brought to you by:

  • Pondmaster/Danner
  • Hampton
  • Atlantic
  • Laguna

Don’t forget the liner! Our rubber liner is so tough, Chuck Norris would run away in terror!


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