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Create Some Disappearing Magic – Disappearing Fountains

Ever wanted to convert something obscure into a water feature?

Who hasn’t, right?!?

Newsletter May 24 003Creating a water feature out of random items is really pretty simple, if you’ve got the right equipment that is! Take a stroll around your home/garage/yard and take a look around. How many things do you see that would look awesome with water spilling out of them to create a focal point in your yard.

Creating a focal point featuring a moving water isn’t as difficult as you might think! All you really need is a fountain vault, an object, and a pump.

Fountain Success Tips:

  • Make sure your basin is going to be sized large enough to house your pump AND that there is enough space to accommodate for the water that is displaced in your fountain.
  • Select an item to become your feature that might not be typical. Anybody can have a concrete statue of a little boy peeing or a girl holding an umbrella with water squirting out – but how many people have a gorgeous glazed pot with water oozing over the sides.
  • Be willing to drill a hole in whatever you choose to be your focal point. You’ll need to run tubing into/through the object, so select something that this is feasible to do around (uh, stay away from boulders, those aren’t exactly the easiest to drill through)
  • Place your vignette in an area that is easily reached by electricity – not that we want you to throw electrical appliances at it or anything, but you DO need to get electricity to the pump.
  • Don’t oversize your pump, you don’t need Niagara Falls, ask one of our employees to help you if you’re not sure, that’s what we’re here for!

Watch this fantastic film walking you through the construction process. If he can do it, you can do it, and we can help!

[youtube width=”850″ height=”688″]http://youtu.be/s9BqxQKZBy4[/youtube]

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