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Design On Our Time!

“Ugh, my yard is a mess – my shrubs are overgrown – my pants are too tight….wait…scratch that last one.” -common folk

We can help you, even with the tight pants!

South Pleasantburg Nursery has top notch designers with decades of field experience under their belts. Not only do they have diverse selections of plants to suggest to you, they also have very different styles that will suit whatever kind of landscape you dream of.

All we ask of you is that you take GOOD pictures (cell phone photos are okay…sometimes….) and take some measurements. Stop in with these and we’ll help you select the perfect plants and spend the time it takes to get you on your way to planting the yard of your dreams!

Come on in, we’d be glad to help you! The best part about this is that we don’t charge a single extra cent to design on our time. If you find that you need somebody to come out and actually design in your yard, that can be arranged too (at a cost).

We’re full service as well – meaning we have a landscape crew that will dig those holes for you.

So, come on in and walk around (it’ll loosen up your pants). There is no way you can leave here and NOT be inspired!



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