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We Love Kids!

Although not all of us here at South Pleasantburg Nursery have kids, it doesn’t mean we don’t love kids!


We were lucky enough to be the special destination for the Sara Collins Elementary School special needs garden club field trip! Boy did we have a great time.

Jim took the kids on a tour and showed them that food actually comes from plants such as tasty blueberries and citrus trees. The kids loved it, but seemed anxious to get more hands on.

Nikki took over and took them on a hands on approach to the world of Herbs. The look of wonder in all the little kids eyes way priceless and they touched and smelled different herbs such as Rosemary, Mint and Chives (this made most of them stick out their little tongues).

The excitement wrapped up with a hands on planting experiment  All the kids were provided a pot, soil, and two plants to place into their new pots. Two very lucky kids were recipients of a new set of garden gloves in addition to a pot of flowers to take home and nurture into maturity. This experiment not only taught the kids how to “tickle” roots, but it also taught them that different plants like different sun exposures. Half of the kids got a shade plant and the other half sun. What all of the kids got was an experience that lasts a lifetime!

Do you have a special group of kids with an interest in gardening?

If so, we’d love to have them and host a little “Planting Party” for them. Not only will they get a hands on lesson on plant life, they’ll leave here with a new appreciation for all things green!

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