Gardener's Calendar

Gardener’s Calendar

  • Turn over your vegetable garden and add Tost, mushroom compost or our favorite new amendment “Dr. Earth”.
  • Apply Bonide Fruit Tree Spray or Orchard Spray as buds swell and again at petal drop to all fruit trees.
  • Fertilize perennials with Flower Tone or Neptunes Harvest Fish Emultion.
  • Continue spring cleanup. Cultivate to remove winter weeds and debris from the planting beds, then edge. Prepare your annual beds, and mulch landscape beds with shredded mulch, bark chips or pine needles. Apply Amaze or Corn Gluten and scratch it in to prevent future weeds,
  • Plant and transplant trees and shrubs, including roses, ground covers, and perennials (including hardy lilies and lily-of-the-valley).
  • Seed warm season grasses such as Centipede or Zoysia. If you’re planning on sodding your lawn, do so now and prepare to keep it watered!
  • Transplant cool-season seedlings into the garden. When the soil temperature reaches 60 degrees, sow warm- and cool-season vegetable and herb seeds.
  • Dig and divide crowded spring bulbs after they have finished blooming. Enrich the soil with Tost, Dr. Earth or Espoma Bulb-Tone.
  • Prune forsythia, camellia, and other spring-flowering trees and shrubs after the flowers fall.
  • Place gro-thru sets and link stakes over or around peonies, grasses or any other perennials in need of support.
  • Check arborvitae, cedar, juniper spruce and pine for bagworms. Hand-pick bags from the host and spray with Captain Jacks Dead Bug Brew by Bonide.
  • Begin summer rose care program of deadheading, spraying and watering.
  • Fertilize roses with Bayer All In One Rose and Flower Care or Mills Magic (preferred by us), azaleas with Espoma Holly-Tone or Neptunes Harvest Fish Fertilizer, and fruit trees with Fertilome Fruit Tree Fertilizer with Zinc.
  • Deadhead bulbs, but leave foliage to mature and yellow before removing. This will help nourish the bulb for next year’s flowering. Fertilize with Bulb Tone.
  • Prune new growth on needled evergreens.
  • Dig and divide early blooming perennials after flowering.
  • Fertilize container plants and window boxes weekly with Jacks Classic Bloom Boosting Fertilizer, or use Osmocote for season-long feeding, to promote healthy, vigorous plants all summer.
  • Pay close attention to the watering needs of these plants as well as hanging baskets, because they tend to dry out quickly on hot summer days.
  • Check plants for spider mite damage and treat with Bayer 3 in 1 Insect, Disease and Mite Control then alternate every 7-10 days with Bonide All-Season Oil Spray.

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