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New Shrub Raspberries


You no longer need hedgerows, trellises or complicated stakes to grow raspberries. You won’t need armor-like gloves either. Now you may grow thornless raspberries in your garden or in containers on your patio, deck or front porch.

Raspberry Shortcake™ is the first truly dwarf raspberry. Growing 2 ½ to 3’ tall, it is covered with full-sized sweet raspberries from mid-summer through fall. Deciduous in the winter, it produces new canes in the spring to bear more fruit. It is self-fertile, but its size, appearance and juicy berries are too good to plant just one.

Well-drained rich soil produces the best fruit. If planting in a container, be sure to use a potting mix for containers. Water regularly. A well-balanced fertilizer in early spring and summer increases plant vigor and production.

Pruning is simple, just remove the oldest canes after fruiting and enjoy the fruits on the new ones in spring. So simple and safe, even children can grow and harvest!

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