Dieffenbachia – The Houseplant of your dreams

Dieffenbachia – Houseplant Extrodinare

Are you struggling to be different this fall?

Have you been stuck in the same houseplant rut for years and not sure how to extricate yourself from the boring world of Peace Lilies and Chinese Evergreens?

We’ve got a little something for you, a little something different. A little something awesome.

Dieffenbachia – also called “Dumb Cane” is a large leaved Houseplant that rolls with the punches! Loving wet feet and filtered light, the Dieffenbachia will thrive if you’ve “Overloved” house plants in the past. In most cases of having plants indoors, too MUCH water is a problem leading to root rot and defoliation. The Dieffenbachia however enjoys having some wet feet and relatively low light, like being in a room with a window or two. Direct sunshine is NOT mandatory.

Dieffenbacchia would love to have a spot in your home, and in all honesty, there’s nothing that should be stopping you. If you’ve got a window and a empty space on a table, you’ve got a spot for a “Dumb Cane”

While some foliage may turn yellow on you, no need to react in a panicked manner. This just means you’re little plant wants some food. Feed it about one capful per gallon of Superthrive the next time you water to replenish the goodness in the soil. Also, if you’re a little more hands off, throw about a teaspoon of Osmocote on the soil to fertilize it. The yellowing will clear up and new foliage will shoot out like an over stressed button on a fat mans shirt.

Did you know, in Brazil the Dieffenbachia is used to protect homes again “Evil Spirits”, (does that mean cocktails that give you a belly ache?) and that it was named after a gardener in Venice. Also, did you know that it has a mild toxicity level and you shouldn’t eat it.

Either way, if you’re getting one because you want a bright cheery houseplant for the winter or if you’re warding off evil spirits, or even if you’re planning on feeding it to somebody that you don’t particularly like, we can hook you up with one.

We might be able to hook you up with two, if you’re lucky.


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