Trough Gardening, Have YOU Heard Of It?

Trough Gardens – Trough isn’t that Tough

The Basics Of Minature Gardening – No Fairies Involved

Limited on space? Don’t like to bend over and show your bloomers to the world? Live in an apartment?

Trough gardening is an up and coming trend for both urban dwellers and country folk alike. The concept of creating a large scale garden-scape in the confines of a trough or planter isn’t a new one, but it has been forgotten over the years. It started out with some creative chaps from England back in the 1800’s. They transformed old feed troughs into flower gardens to beautify their farmsteads. Of course, time has passed and tastes have changed. You no longer have to sneak into a farmers field after dark to abscond with one of these planters. You can buy them right here at South Pleasantburg Nursery!

Planting a trough garden has no real rules, only requirements.

  • A good lightweight growing media
  • Dwarf plants such as conifers and perennials
  • A sunny location where water is accessible
  • Creativity

The point behind creating a Trough garden is simple, to replicate a large garden in a very small space. When selecting plant material, visualize an actual garden that you’ve visited or have seen in magazines. Mirror some of the color schemes and textures from that garden in your trough – – for example if you recall a magnificent garden having towering Cryptomeria as a hedge, perhaps you can use a small dwarf Hinoki Cypress instead. Also, if you recall fields of lavender blooming, you can replicate with dwarf creeping phlox to spill over the sides. Use your imagination!

Of course, we have everything you need to start your very own Trough garden here at the Nursery. Come browse our selection of low bowls, square planters, and other various items that hold dirt.


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