Showcase Plants

The December Showcase Of Plants

Every month we’re going to do a different “Showcase” of spectacular shrubs from our nursery. Some plants will be selected for different reasons, whether it be flowers, foliage or just because. 

This month we’re please to introduce you to:

The ‘Firechief’ Arborvitae if a new addition to our nursery stock, and we’re incredibly pleased with it so far! Nearly perfectly globe shaped shrub has finely textured, bright golden spring foliage and fantastic deep red fall color. No pruning is necessary to maintain its compact, rounded form. Grows only to 2′ tall and wide.

The ‘Cardinal’ Red-Twigged dogwood is a breathtaking addition to any winter garden. This fast growing deciduous shrub really shows it’s character in the winter time, after the leaves drop. Blood red branches emerge and reach for the sky like swords dipped in blood. Spectacular in addition to evergreens and in mixed borders. Can potentially reach 8′ tall.

Maiden Grass is a soft, pillowy grass that will grow on it’s own, with very little help needed from you. Hundreds of plumes held above the foliage emerge bronze-pink, fading to white. A dwarf plant with graceful, silvery-green arching foliage becoming a whirl of orange, gold and burgundy in fall.  Grows 5′ tall and 3′ wide. Most impact is found when planted in mass.

William has a wonderfully informal branching habit with a profusion of bright yellow flowers in spring. It doesn’t stop there though, in the fall it turns brilliant shades of reds, yellows and orange. He’s a fantastic fast-growing evergreen hedge for mass planting. Good barrier plant. Don’t be discouraged by the few thorns this plant may have, it really IS worth planting!

The Crippsii Cypress is truly of the best of the yellow conifers hardy for this area. Popularity for this plant has been gained because of it’s bright golden sprays of foliage on an upright conical form. Will achieve its best color in full sun and will eventually reach a whopping 15′ tall and 10′ wide. Give it room to grow, and you’ll love it for years to come!

Stop in today and pick up one, two or five of each to compliment your own home landscape.

A little digging never hurt anyone!



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