Trees, Shrubs and Woodies, Oh My!

Exotic Evergreens!

We don’t carry just boring old “shrubberies”, we’ve got an extensive selection of exotic evergreens with color, shape and size that can’t be beat.

Some of the exciting cultivars we’ve gotten in include:

From the Spruce Family:

‘Acrocona‘  – This unique Spruce trees will not only delight you with a great color, but the real bang comes when it develops cones. Instead of appearing along the branches, the cones appear at the very tips of each branch – looking almost like an earring. The growth habit becomes broad and spreading, and will eventually be much wider than it is tall. It will typically grow to be about 10′ tall and 15’ wide (in about 10 years).

‘Frohburg’ – The Compact Weeping Norway Spruce is This sleek, pendulous spruce has needles thinner, shorter and closer to the stem, than does the regular Weeping Norway Spruce, giving it a tidier, groomed appearance.New growth is bright cream to yellow. With its narrow staked height, and full pendulous skirt, ‘Frohburg’  could function as both a tall accent piece and a graceful groundcover – all in one. Deer Resistant

Dwarf Norway Spruce – This shrub forms a mound as it grows.  This is a must have plant for the entry way, or in a patio container.  Early spring brings us red cones that are extremely striking being abundant, small, and present at the tip of every branch.  This is a low maintenance and hardy conifer.  This fantastic little spruce will only mature to be 2′ tall and wide.

Jeans Dilly Dwarf Alberta Spruce – This little spruce grows considerably slower, and is more upright than it’s sister the Dwarf Elberta Spruce. This little guy has bright green foliage that emerges first thing as light green, giving it a bright glow. Jeans Dilly is also an absolutely perfect conifer for use in containers or rock gardens. Matures to 4′ tall and 2′ wide. No pruning needed!

Dwarf Serbian Spruce –  The ‘Kamenz’ Spruce (easier pronounced as Dwarf Serbian) is a  beautiful, spreading, slow growing evergreen conifer with a distinctive two tone look.  Short branches with green needle tops and silver undersides nice contrast from all angles. Very minimal maintenance requires. Grows only 2′ tall and wide. Full sun, please, for best color.

From the False Cypress Family:

‘Just Dandy’ – This remarkable little Hinoki, is the best of the best. Compact sprays of dense, finely textured foliage decorate the branches of the low, rounded, spreading plants. Such tight foliage is usually associated with miniature selections that have extremely slow growth, but this superior cultivar grows comparatively faster. It will reach the size of a beach ball within years instead of decades. Ultimately wider than tall, ‘Just Dandy’ contributes unparalleled grace and beauty to small spaces throughout the year. Will mature to about 5′ in 10 years, but if you let it go, it could reach sizes up to 10′.

‘Thoweil’ – The Thoweil is an unusual, informal Hinoki Cypress. This one has proven to be very hardy and is a slow growing dwarf. ‘Thoweil’ will make a great feature specimen in the garden when placed somewhere that it’s beauty can be captured from all sides. This plant will also be fantastic if placed in a container for an interesting alternative to other conifers. Absolute maximum size of 4′ tall and wide. Place in full sun with rich soil.

From The Pine Family:

‘Irish Bell’ Bosnian Pine –  The Irish bell is a slow-growing Pine with a dense, broad pyramidal form. The needles are short and a lush green color. This shrub will maintain a formal, trimmed look without you having to do a single thing to it. Prefers full sun in well-drained soil. If it’s happy it can grow 6′ tall x 4′ wide in 10 years

‘Mint Truffle’ – This pine has a stunning fine texture of long thin mint-green needles that emerge white. The overall shape is rotund with needles covering every shoot completely. The Mint Truffle is highly tolerant and disease resistant, it makes a beautiful year round display or even can be used in a large container. Can get 10′ tall and wide.

‘Slowmound’ – The Slowmound is a variety of Mugo Pine that stays more compact and user friendly than the older variety. The slow growth habit makes the overall shape stay very compact and maintains a very formal, round appearance in the landscape. In the spring, long bronze candles perk up from the plant that will make way for new needles later on. Very pretty, can be used for bonsai. Grows 2′ tall and wide.

dwarfconifer hinokicypressgold slowmoundmugopine


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