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Who’s Ready For Spring?

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The excitement is here, and we’re all getting our gardening tools dusted off and ready. At the nursery, we’re getting ready for your excitement by re-configuring our layout a little bit. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be a major upset to anybody, it’ll just be a little rearranging to make things easier for all of us.


We’re going to be moving our selection of concrete benches to the side of the drive nearest to the roses. This will give us more of an area to display them without having to trip over a whole bunch of other stuff at the same time. This will also accommodate for you to sit your butt down and see if you enjoy it with your rear end, not just your eyes.


We’re going to shift our selection of “edibles” into one compact area. This “Edible Oasis” will consist of different herbs, berries, vegetables and the selection of fruit trees that we’re going to continue to carry. We’re not quite ready for all of the warm season starter plants just yet, but we DO have the stuff you need to start seeds indoors.


We’ve got the discount area in the same location, but behind the building in the large coldframe. This area hasn’t really been publicized, but it’s always been there. We’ll be shifting new “tlc” plants through there throughout the season. Make sure you poke your head in and see what we’ve got!


Our ornamental conifers that used to be sprinkled in the shrub beds randomly will now be centrally located between the annuals and the shade annuals. We’ve expanded our “unique” conifers to include certain ones that would work well in containers or even as Bonsai. Check them out, we’ve hand picked each unique plant and want you to enjoy them as much as we do!

So, that being said, feel free to stop into the Nursery and ask for a tour of our place. Even if you’ve been a long time customer or a new-to-the-area gardener, we’d love to be your one stop shop for everything garden related.



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