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Drift Roses – The Best Thing Since The Knock Out!

Drift Roses are disease resistant low growing shrub which requires none of the usual care that other roses do. Not only does it produce thousands of blossoms over the growing season but it is virtually carefree. Deadheading, pruning, spraying and constant feeding are all unnecessary to keep these plants looking their best, although deep watering is suggested for new plantings. Once established, Drift Roses can become quite drought tolerant.

Drift Roses can be used in a variety of ways in the home garden. These plants are wonderful for foundation plantings, for covering sloping banks, to line a walkway or driveway, in large containers or simply mixed in among other flowers in perennial borders. The Drift Rose can go anywhere and still look spectacular.

Drift roses can flower for up to 10 months (depending upon climate). Masses of blooms and rich glossy green foliage adorn this full, rounded shrub. No fancy pruning is required to keep these beauties looking great. Just cut back with shears to 1/3 size in early spring to keep them in shape. With the best disease resistance of all roses, Flower Carpet Roses are proving to be the best garden and landscape roses ever.

Drift Roses are every gardener’s dream – virtually carefree plants that produce masses of colorful flowers throughout the growing season. Who could ask for more?

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