Summer 2012 Articles

Have YEW subscribed to our newsletter?

No, we’re not talking about Taxus here, we’re talking about the Newsletter that we send out to our favorite customers, the customers that have taken a sliver of time subscribed.

Not only do you get a $5.00 off coupon when you sign up, you’re also treated with tasty morsels of information on a regular basis, including items such as:

-What you should be doing in your yard

-How to keep your lawn healthy and happy

-What are the latest pest/disease threats in the area

-New varieties of plant material that roll through our gates

…and the Cyber Geeks favorite part, the photography! Every newsletter is chock full of pictures taken from around our very own Nursery and yards. ¬†Upcoming pictures include some of our beautiful Hosta and vibrant sales staff.

So what are you waiting for, this is your opportunity to jump on the bandwagon and become one of the South Pleasantburg Nursery Super Secret Society of cool kids, aka, our mailing list.

We promise, from our heart of hearts, that we will not redistribute your information to anybody. The list touches only two sets of hands (it would be one, but we need to go through a middle woman) and once we get it we promise this:

-Our information will be as thorough and accurate as possible

-Our wording will amuse and hopefully not bore (entertainment values will vary depending on your type of humor, if you’ve got a dry one, boy, you’re in luck)

-We will NOT bombard you will email blasts asking you to “Step Right Up” or spam you with coupon offers every other day, bi-weekly tops




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