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New Deer Repellent!


We’ve got the most exciting new product to come into our store since those really awesome Presto Buckets. (they really are awesome)

Since the day the first bulldozer ran over the woodlands in the suburbs, deer have been scrambling to find new places to live and eat. Where else can they go besides your back yard. Although they’re pesky, they kind of have more of a right to your plants than you do, even if you did buy them.

We’ve got a solution for you, however. Since you can’t shoot them (well, you could, you’d probably get in trouble) why not run them into the neighbors yard? Encap 2-1 Deer Repellent and Fertilizer is your golden ticket to a deer free yard!

from the Encap website:

“Encap 2-in-1 Deer Repellent & Fertilizer protects against unwanted feeding and browsing by deer and rabbits on lawns, trees, and gardens. Encap 2-in-1 Deer Repellent & Fertilizer contains slow release nitrogen, which feeds continually as plants grow, providing nutrients over a longer period of time. Deer and rabbits are repelled by the odor of Encap 2-IN-1 Deer Repellent & Fertilizer, and their natural instinct causes them to leave or avoid the treated areas.

  • Repels deer & rabbits
  • Does not burn plants
  • Easy to apply

Coverage: 700 sq. ft.

100% Guaranteed.”


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