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Not All Fish Food Is The Same, We Know The Difference!

Are your fish just fish or are they your extended family (of whom you may love more than your actual extended family)?

To keep up with the hectic lives of Pondie People – We’ve made a video, it might save you time and amuse

South Pleasantburg Nursery News Investigates Koi Food

Your pond should be like a castle, and your Koi or Goldfish should be the royalty that resides there. If you’re a passionate Pondie, you know that all fish food is not created equal-but if this is news to you, LISTEN UP!

Much like any other pet you might have owned, going to the store to purchase food to nourish them can be a bit confusing at times. Choices range from organic to buy in bulk to even fancy stuff that you have to scoop out of a can. It can be almost like a trip to the cereal aisle-all the tempting packaging and labels and promises to increase vigor and health.

We’ve taken the guess work out of nourishing your Koi and Goldfish by selecting three choices for you, based on three very different needs.


Chengro Superfood is the highest quality nutritionally complete floating fish food for growing Show Quality Koi and Goldfish. Their unique formula is infused with Beta Glucan, added Vitamin E, ascorbic acid (stabilized Vitamin C), chelated minerals, and natural color intensifiers. This is what the breeders and award winning Koi munch on before bring home blue ribbons.


Blue Ridge Fish Hatchery Food

This food provides a completely balanced nutritional diet that greatly enhances growth in all koi and goldfish. Contains a special blend of vitamins and minerals that promotes resistance to stress and immunity to disease.



Pondcare – Summer Staple Fish Food

Summer Staple Koi and goldfish food has been specially formulated for feeding pond fish when water temperature is above 65F. Designed especially to feed pond fish when the water temperature is warm. Summer Staple is high in protein to promote vigor.
Contains spirulina algae, chitin, and carotene to develop vibrant fish color



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