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Pond Additives – What We’ve Got For You!

We carry tons, literally tons, of pond treatments to keep your pond clean and clear and ready to enjoy. Of course, the best way to keep your pond nice and fresh is to have proper filtration, but when that just doesn’t seem to cut it we have a few “quick fixes” to get  you back on track to enjoying your pond properly!

Algae DudeGot Algae?


Algaefix-For quick relief in ponds with aquatic plant life and fish

Barley Clear – For longterm relief of algae, used more as a preventative

Winston/Crystal Clear

Algae-Off – A Deep cleaner that wipes out string algae quick.


Algaecide and Clarifier – For use in areas without fish or aquatic life. Typically used in fountains.

Got Sludge and Muck? (eww!)


Pond-zyme Plus – For use to break up and move sludge deposits and muck through the filtration system of your pond. Now with barley extract to enhance algae control!

Microbe Lift

MicrobeLift PL – Dissolves away organic matter at the bottom of the pond all the while keeping your levels of oxygen and nitrogen in check.

Microbelift Fall/Winter – Specially formulated to work to break down fallen leaf litter in the autumn. Works great in cooler temperatures!

Winston/Crystal Clear

Clarity Max Plus – Breaks down sludge deposits and push them through your filtration system. Safe for all ponds and 100% natural!

Adding Water?


Chorine and Heavy Metal Nutralizer – Keep your fish happy and alive by removing the chlorine from the water every time you add. Also removes harmful heavy metals.

PH Up and Down – Can’t get your PH right? Use these and temporary solutions to the problem.

Stress Coat Plus – Give your fish a day at the spa every time you add water. Stress Coat Plus contains Aloe extract that will help your fishes gills and scales ward off disease.

Winston/Crystal Clear

SaPHGaurd – This buffers your PH to keep it steady at a reasonable PH level. Helps counteract the effects of over population of plants or fish or both.




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