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Squirrels Eating Your Flowers?

Do you have a case of H.S.S. – Also known as Hungry Squirrel Syndrome? Don’t worry, you don’t have to go to a support group to overcome this very common Syndrome!

HSS is seen very commonly in urban areas around the Fall and Winter months, due to the fact that Squirrels (Chipmunks are guilty too) are hungry and storing up for the cold winter months. It was once thought that perhaps our little rodents also suffer from S.A.D. – and get depressed after the time change and just eat everything in sight – much like some humans do. That theory turned out to be bunk, and scientists decided to go back to the original though that somewhere in the evolution process squirrels just need to eat more this time of year.

What better to eat than you’re freshly planted, juicy, colorful Pansies and Violas that you took so much time to select and plant. The aggravating thing is that Squirrels (again, Chipmunks aren’t 100% innocent either) don’t care that you’ve spent time and money trying to jazz up your yard for the Winter Season, all they care about is satisfying the rumbling in their tiny bellies.

You can’t shoot them, well you could….

You can’t trap them, well you could do that too….

but both sound like relatively hard work. We have a better solution for you!

Back in the summer time we sent one of our favorite employees to a trade show to investigate treatments to help deter pests such as Squirrels. Luckily enough, she was able to find a company based right up the street in Durham, NC who offers highly effective products.

“I Must Garden makes natural, pleasant smelling, easy to use repellents that are guaranteed to work.  I Must Garden also makes the only effective squirrel repellent you can buy.” – the I Must Garden Website


Come in today and buy some Squirrel repellent from I Must Garden. All products are promised to work, and if you get some from us and it DOESN’T we have a hotline number to give you to get you some satisfaction! (877) 446-2929 

We stand by our decision to carry this product, and like anything else that we put on our shelves here at the nursery – we want it to be the best on the market. Let us know your success stories! Shoot us an email and tell us your good news!

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