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Pond Care Step By Step


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Is your curb appealing?

Curb Appeal, do you have it? Part One Of A Two Part Series “A man’s house is his castle; and while he is quiet, he is as well guarded as a prince in his castle.” Deep words from 250 (or … Continue reading

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How To Seed A Fescue Lawn

Pretty Green Grass, In Winter! South Pleasantburg has a reputation, and its one that causes us much pride: people have been coming to us for the most comprehensive self turf care product selection in town. We consider ourselves the prime … Continue reading

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Maintaining A Fescue Lawn

Got Fescue?   Did you know: Tall fescue was introduced into the United States from Europe in the early 1800’s and is still a staple as a lush green turf grass. The deep green blades make it a very estate … Continue reading

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Bamboo Fountain Kits Available Now!

Just when we thought we couldn’t find anything cooler than the stuff we already have, Jim went out and found these really cool bamboo fountain kits from “Bamboo Accents”. These aren’t those cheap looking imitation bamboo fountain kits either, these … Continue reading

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Put some sizzle in your containers this year with…

Winter Sizzle Say “No, those have got to go” to the boring old boxwoods that you’ve been looking at in your winter containers for years. Give them a face lift with some of these dramatically gorgeous plants from Hort Couture. … Continue reading

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Onion Sets – Now In Stock

“Life is like an onion. You peel it off one layer at a time, and sometimes you weep.” Carl Sandburg Did you know: After so many years of people asking for some onion sets, we’ve finally given in and are … Continue reading

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July 2014 Newsletter

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August 2014 Newsletter!

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