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Native Plants For The Upstate

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July 2014 Newletter Solution – Where Are The Bees?

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Air Plants – We’ve Got Them!

We’re following trends and it seems like people are really getting into air plants. So, we’ve decided to carry them! Air plant are about the easiest houseplant that you can grow, and even the most negligent indoor gardeners will have … Continue reading

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A South Pleasantburg Dream

With all kinds of inspiration to make South Pleasantburg the best dog gone nursery in the upstate, oh wait, no the world, we’re adventuring in to brave new territories. This one, well, it’s not something that you’ll see any other … Continue reading

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July Showcase Of Shady Plants.

We’re very aware of the condition of the weather outside, so really you don’t have to come into the nursery and remind us how hot it is. All kidding aside, instead of showing you a bunch of shrubs and trees … Continue reading

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Drift Roses – The Best Thing Since The Knock Out!

The Flower Carpet Rose is a disease resistant low growing shrub which requires none of the usual care that other roses do. Not only does it produce thousands of blossoms over the growing season but it is virtually carefree. Continue reading

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Don’t Be A Whack Job, Learn How To Dead Head and Trim Back Annuals Properly

Its summer, its hot, and you’re probably shaking your head at how your annuals that you worked so hard to pick out are doing. Summer time heat plus lack of constant moisture can leave your annuals stretched out to the … Continue reading

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We Sell Koi!

Did you know that we carry a large selection of Koi and other pond fish? We have Koi fish, quality ones, ranging from small to mega-huge and come in colors ranging from orange to black to all colors of the … Continue reading

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Dayliles, Five Reasons You Need Them.

Before you roll your eyes and go “Ugh, everybody and their grandmother has those stupid things, I don’t want any”, take another look. Dayliles have come a very long way from those floppy orange things you see in run down … Continue reading

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