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Dieffenbachia – The Houseplant of your dreams

Dieffenbachia – Houseplant Extrodinare Are you struggling to be different this fall? Have you been stuck in the same houseplant rut for years and not sure how to extricate yourself from the boring world of Peace Lilies and Chinese Evergreens? … Continue reading

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Fairy Gardens, New Shipment Of Accessories!

Check it out! Its too cool to miss! It’s really too exciting to put into words, so you’ll have to just stop in and check it out! ¬†“FAIRY GARDENING CENTRAL”   Its a new area of our store devoted to … Continue reading

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Terrariums And You, What You Need To Get Started

Terrariums – What You Need To Know To Grow The Easy Peasy Approach To Creating And Indoor Oasis¬† They’re Hip, They’re Trendy, You Need A Few… (and for once the next sentence doesn’t include anything about shoes) Terrariums have made … Continue reading

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