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The Fountains Of Youth

Did You Know? South Pleasantburg Nursery has more than just awesome plantables and treatments! We carry a very broad array of different Fountains, Statues and Garden Ornaments. All high quality and ready to go home with you today!Click The Link … Continue reading

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OF THE VARIEGATED VARIETY: Variegated Shrubs for the Landscape

Variegated shrubs can brighten up a dull or shady border and add interest in the garden when flowers are scarce. Avoid planting variegated shrubs next to each other or too close together. Instead, plant them among plain foliage plants where the leaf coloring will be hi-lighted and therefore better appreciated. Continue reading

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The Algae Solution Headquarters

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Curb Enthusiasm – – Part Two Of Our Series

Now, are you guilty?  Is your curb unattractive?  Do your neighbors scoff as they pass by your house?  We’ve got some solutions! Part two of this series will focus on HOW to utilize what you have and make a few … Continue reading

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Cosmic July Blooming Shrub Video Tour

(That was a mouthful) South Pleasantburg Nursery News July (whew its hot) Edition Check It Out. (But disregard the “insert text here”, the Cyber Geek got aggravated and couldn’t think of anything witty to say, I think its called writers … Continue reading

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Fertilize Organically-Its Easy!

You can grow anything organically! You DON’T have to be a slave to Miracle-Gro! Its NOT more expensive than using chemical based fertilizers! It DOESN’T make your crops taste funny! Still not convinced? Blue Baby Syndrome  

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