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Wanting To Build A Pond?

Have you quietly thought to yourself “Gee whiz, I sure would like a fish pond” If you have, you’re not alone. Everyday we get a deluge of calls inquiring about how to go about planning a back yard water feature … Continue reading

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Mums! That’s what the buzz is all about!

Whoa, we’ve got mums, boy do we have mums. I suppose you can guess where Zips is hiding today, be careful though, he blends in very well with the yellow buds. They’re just about the same size and color as … Continue reading

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Find Zips – He’s in a very obvious place!

He’s back and hiding again. Today, you can find Zips hiding behind an excellent line of defense against mosquitos. Amazon Lights insect repelling incense cones are an incredibly effective repellent for those biting buggers without having to cake on a … Continue reading

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A Cyber Voyage Through Our Pond Department

We know, we know, you love your ponds. We love your ponds just as much as you do, and that’s why we strive to carry the broadest spectrum of pond supplies in the upstate. Not only to we sell the … Continue reading

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Where Is Zips Hiding Today?

Hey guys, I’m here and promoting a very important item for protecting your lawn from moles and voles. I MUST Garden! Mole and Vole Repellent will protect your plants root system from getting gobbled up by Voles. Remember Moles eat … Continue reading

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Fairy Gardens, All The Rage!

Fairy Gardens, what you need know about them, and why you need one! Tiny Little Flowers, Tiny Little Pebbles, Tiny Amount Of Work, Huge Pay Off! Recently, gardening fads have gone all over the place ranging anywhere between planting nothing … Continue reading

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August Plant Showcase


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