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Annuals – We’ve Got Them


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Protect Your Most Valuable Resource – Your Hands!

We carry excellent gloves, this you probably know. Did you also know that we carry a NEW line of gloves that make our old, still excellent gloves look kind of pathetic. Thorn Handling gloves by Bellingham have hit our shelves … Continue reading

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Zoysia And Centipede Seed Now On Sale!

It’s almost time to start tossing out some grass seed (for those of you that have warm season grasses). We have the seed for you to toss right here in stock. Not only do we carry top of the line … Continue reading

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Five Tips To Conquer The Spring!

Gardening is supposed to be relaxing, almost like an outdoor therapy. What happens, however, when you take your relaxing hobby to the extremes? Easy, you loose interest and you get frustrated with your hobby. Just like learning to sew, dance … Continue reading

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Spectacular Perennial Beds: Part One Of A Two Part Series

Plant Once, Enjoy Forever Perennial gardening is for everyone, everywhere! The beauty and ease of planting a perennial garden is not only gratifying aesthetically, it also save you money and time in the long run. If you haven’t cultivated perennials … Continue reading

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New Shipment Of Pots From Michael Carr!


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Exotic Evergreens!

We don’t carry just boring old “shrubberies”, we’ve got an extensive selection of exotic evergreens with color, shape and size that can’t be beat. Some of the exciting cultivars we’ve gotten in include: From the Spruce Family: ‘Acrocona‘  – This … Continue reading

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Who’s Ready For Spring?

We Are! The excitement is here, and we’re all getting our gardening tools dusted off and ready. At the nursery, we’re getting ready for your excitement by re-configuring our layout a little bit. Don’t worry, this isn’t going to be … Continue reading

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Salt?!? In my pond?!? Are you crazy?

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