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Whats wrong with my poor Impatiens?

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Not All Fish Food Is The Same, We Know The Difference!

Are your fish just fish or are they your extended family (of whom you may love more than your actual extended family)? To keep up with the┬áhectic lives of Pondie People – We’ve made a video, it might save you … Continue reading

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A New Wave-Not A Petunia Either!

Inspiration Struck Us This Week… We sent a few of our top employees down to a workshop to improve our store and make you, our loyal customers happier with our store. Of course, we know we’re already pretty awesome, but … Continue reading

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Urban Gardening Workshop – Get Self Reliant!


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Good Bugs Welcome!

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The Cottage Garden

English in origin, the primary function of the cottage gardens was for growing vegetables, fruit and herbs for the home. Continue reading

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Less Pain, More Gain: Ergonomics in the Garden

Merriam-Webster defines Ergonomics as: an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely. Continue reading

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Have you ever wandered into your local grocery store and been amazed at how much Herbs and Spices cost? Nothing seems to come cheap nowadays and a trip to the supermarket is certainly no exception. $3.00 for a jar of … Continue reading

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